What hot products should DJs look forward to in 2018?

With the current year nearly on its last leg, DJs around the globe should be focused on the 2018 NAAM show that brings a host of professional sound and audio, event technology to the arena when the event opens in January 2018 between the 25th and 28th at Anaheim, California. Some 100,000 avid DJs and industry stakeholders from as many as 139 nations are expected to attend this event. The event campus too has grown in size and the 2018 event is to be held in the largest and expanded campus the show ever had in the past.

CloseUp of Speakers
The show map of 2018 NAMM represents diverse crossroads of the industry offering a platform for product communities of orchestra and school band, stringed instruments, percussion, keys (keyboards, pianos, and synthesizers) fretted instruments (electric and acoustic) professional sound and audio, lighting and stage, as well as publishers, distributors, retail service and many more.

Highlights of NAMM 2018 show

The NAMM 2018 will present Event Technology which is a new area of this show that is ideal for various stakeholders to showcase rigging, lighting, Sound, DJ, special effects, and staging services and products in an atmosphere that is completely controlled. In this space, professionals will also have the ability to test-drive the new products and converse with buyers and leading experts on a one to one basis, on the spot.
Professional sound and audio: Here, all visitors can find products in live sound and pro audio format. New product launch and innovations in live sound, recording, A/V, installation, post-production and broadcast together with software, consumer electronics, DJ, software and technology giving a well-rounded experience in an environment that is business-focused.

Fretted Instruments: From mandolins, ukuleles to electric guitars and boutique guitars handcrafted by master craftsmen, basses and more can be found here at all levels of the NAMM convention centre. Buyers and attendees will also have an opportunity to connect directly with the exhibitors.

Percussion: Kits, Cymbals and all types of percussion accessories can be found close to demo areas so that buyers/attendees can have a feel of the true sound from these instruments in an area that is quieter and distanced from the show floor itself.

Pianos: Global piano brands will have a dedicated showcase conducive for playing and exploring the nuances and artistry of each instrument.

Orchestra and School Band/ Stringed instruments: Brass, Horns, Woodwinds and bow exhibitors and stringed instruments will find the spacious area housing the SBO and its proximity to other areas of the convention centre attractive and appreciable.

Sea of networking opportunities

The NAMM show will also offer a sea of networking opportunities that will also showcase the NAMM Pamelli Awards (26 January, Friday) to honour influential and pioneering companies and professionals for their contribution to live production industry. ‘Life time achievement award’ for the current year will go to Bobby “Boomer” Thrasher, who has been the production manager for Billy Joel for long. Similarly, the Pamelli Visionary Award will go to Jonathan Smeeton while the Audio Innovator Award will go to John Stadius, technical director of DiGiCo. Saturday 27th January is the designated date for NAMM TEC Awards together with several other interactive opportunities and events.

We now look at some of the highlights of the 2017 NAMM to recapitulate and set your expectations from the upcoming 2018 NAMM

First glimpses and prototypes

Some companies had visibly rushed their products to be in time for the show and gain from the news cycle there. Some of the observations included:-

Mixars Gear

Mixars is a relatively young startup of a DJ mixer with 3 new products at NAMM. Under glass was among the exciting products displayed by the company in the Vegas mode which meant that it was testable though non-functional at that time. Visit JD’s to get your hands on Mixars professional and commercial audio products and systems. The Quattro 4 channel Serato mixer and the Primo controller (capable of challenging DDJ-SR) are other interesting offers from this company.

Closeup of DJ Mixers

Gemini – SDJ-4000, PMX-10, MAS-1, and MDJ – Fresh from the factory

All the products on display from Gemini DJ were fresh prototypes that came from their factory. The company spokesperson also added that they were still doing some final iteration with the design to finalize finish, improve the buttons etc. The following were among the products displayed.


An affordable standalone controller sporting an inbuilt computer for playing tracks straight from the unit. While it sports 4 channels, avid DJs would want to take special note of the fact that only 2 decks are offered from on the inbuilt computer.

PMX 10 – PMX 20

The company displayed new mixers following a familiar design – the basic 2 channel layout sporting 8 push buttons on both sides. However, the PMX 20 failed to arrive at the show.

MAS -1

This APC-style unit, going by its large size was possibly designed to target Ableton DJs. The controls showed plenty of room around.


These offerings from Gemini arrived somewhat late and no launch date or pricing was available for these CDJ style competitors.

Denon DJ- Pioneer Challengers

The new media players from this company deserve the complete attention of all those who love DJing.

Denon DJ Console

Many online comments suggest that the company has come of age, particularly after the company was acquired by InMusic and spent the preceding 4 years revamping the company and its products and you now have the SC 500 media players.

Some of the other related features of the product include:-

  • $300 less compared to CDJ-2000NXS2s
  • Have features set like what one gets on DJ software (loop move, track analysis, dual decks, beat jump, high-resolution screen) in this standalone player.
  • Feels solidly built and sturdier
  • Looks significantly better when you see them physically, compared to the images shown during the press release.

A new mixer and turntable were also launched by the company at the show.

Check out all these latest additions as soon as possible.

Lots seem to be happening at the NAMM show and the best way to update themselves for all avid DJs would be to follow the NAMM show 2018.

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