Should You Get a Maternity Bra or Nursing Bra?

Expecting mothers are always told to prepare ahead of time, and that means in part embracing the changes of the body. The reality is that as your pregnancy progresses, your body continually makes adjustments to accommodate the baby. Your breasts also get ready to produce milk which makes them swell up. It means that pregnant women have to get new bras to embrace this change too.
However, the one thing that still confuses most women is whether or not they should get a maternity bra or wait to get a nursing bra later. What of the possibility that a maternity and nursing bra is the same thing?

What Is A Maternity Bra?

maternity bra

At a glance, maternity bras look much like regular bras except that they come designed to support and accommodate your breasts as they grow. They also tend to feature wider straps, soft cotton lining, and extra hooks on the back strap. These bras also do not come with underwires which makes them even more comfortable.
All these features sound like something you would get from a regular bra, and such a regular bra would work fine when worn during pregnancy.

How Is It Different To A Nursing Bra

At a glance, maternity bras look much like regular bras except that they come designed to support and accommodate your breasts as they grow. They also tend to feature wider straps, soft cotton lining, and extra hooks on the back strap. These bras also do not come with underwires which makes them even more comfortable.
All these features sound like something you would get from a regular bra, and such a regular bra would work fine when worn during pregnancy.

A nursing bra also referred to as a breastfeeding bra is designed to make the breastfeeding process much more comfortable. In fact, a nursing bra will come with all the features that you would get from a maternity bra with one exception. The nursing varieties feature flaps/panels that clasp onto the cup of the bra.
The flaps/panels can be un-clipped for easy access to the breast nipples without having to take off the bra.


nursing bra

So Should You Go With A Maternity or Nursing Bra?

The argument would be that maternity bras are best suited for use during pregnancy, and nursing bras prove more useful once you give birth. However, most women prefer to go for bras that combine both the functions of a maternity and nursing bra.
Most women continue wearing their regular bras during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, most will start experiencing swelling of the breasts when the second trimester kicks in and more predominantly during the third trimester.
Maternity bras would be the best option for use during pregnancy because of their provision to accommodate your breasts as they grow. If you do choose to wear nursing bras even during pregnancy, make sure that they are sized to handle your growing breasts.

How Many Maternity Bras Should You Get?

This is one of those subjective decisions, and every woman will have a different opinion. It will mostly depend on your budget, but you should at least invest in two or three of these bras.
It is also important to understand that your body will keep expanding overall throughout the pregnancy. That means the size of your rib cage may keep expanding up until your 36th week of pregnancy. What it all means is that you should be prepared to size up your bra a couple of times during pregnancy.
An alternative is to go for bra extenders which you can attach to your bra to increase the band length.

Maternity Bra Buying Tips

maternity bra

It does not end at deciding to use a maternity bra during pregnancy and a nursing bra after birth; you still have to make a few choices when shopping. Just like your regular bras, they come in an endless selection of styles, cup shapes, colours, and sizes. Recommend consulting a specialist like Bfree who stocks numerous designs, sizes, shapes and styles.


Naturally, the first significant step when getting ready for bra shopping is finding out your particular bra size. If you choose to use your regular favourite bra, you may want to go for one that is bigger by a cup size or two.
However, you will still have to switch over to maternity/nursing bras during your last trimester and should get sized then too.


You will come across an even broader range of style options when shopping for maternity bras. You want to go for bras with sturdy straps and seams. That means wider straps that can handle the load, and the width of the bra is even more crucial if you have fuller breasts.
Avoid underwire bras entirely and generally; you will not find maternity bras that feature underwires. They tend to be uncomfortable with regular bras, and you can imagine how much more discomfort they will give you during pregnancy.
Soft cotton fabrics work best for maternity bras because they help to prevent chafing. You can go for cotton and synthetic blends if you want a variety of options as long as you will not be too sensitive to the feel of the fabric.

Cup Shape

You will come across full and three-quarter cup shapes when buying these bras. Trying out different options is the best way to figure out what works for you. You can also get fitted at a lingerie or maternity store, and they usually offer these services at no cost.
Be mindful of how any bra that you try on fits because if it is uncomfortable but looks great, it will not serve you well. You should emphasize finding a bra that feels comfortable and fits right.
One way that you can enhance the comfort of the bra is to get some removable bra pads. Nursing pads prove much more useful, particularly if you experience breast milk leaks.
To sum it all up, you can now see that there is a difference between a maternity and nursing bra. It means that while you may use a nursing bra both during pregnancy and afterwards, a maternity bra would not function all too well for breastfeeding purposes.
Regardless of whether or not you choose to go for maternity bras during pregnancy, finding one that fits right with the features mentioned makes a world of difference. They help you cope with your growing breasts during pregnancy and make it easier to transition to nursing bras with time.
It does not hurt to want to feel good in the bra you wear, and you can go for a bra that looks good without compromising on fit and comfort.

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How much one should spend on a Wedding Gown

Window shopping across wedding gown boutiques in the hope finding that ‘one’ among the many can be engaging, time-consuming and perhaps even tiring, till the bride considers what she holds close to her heart. But, how much should an average Australian bride spend on her wedding dress?

wedding dresses
While shopping for the wedding dress is a major part of the wedding planning process and gives the bride the feel of princess every time she looks at the mirror, the budget is predetermined, and fewer brides venture to go after fancy price tags. Most Australian brides spend about $3600 on their wedding dress. However, even this average varies from one state to the other with Queensland showing a modest average spend of $4000 and Victoria sitting at the other end of the scale with an average spend of about $5500.

Here is a breakup of the numbers for other major regions of Australia:-

  • ACT $ 2975
  • SA $2995
  • NSW $ 5,414
  • VIC $5500
  • WA $3650
  • Tasmania $2660

Most brides also tend to prefer buying a wedding dress than making it themselves or look for a family member or skilled friend to undertake the task. For most brides, the wedding dress is also reckoned as an investment they are proud of to keep for several years. However, a notable feature that has emerged in recent years is that the average amount spent on wedding gowns has been coming down with every passing year. One reason for this trend is being pointed out as the general uptick in wedding expenses and therefore, the need to keep costs down wherever possible. Some women are even finding ingenious ways to peg the cost of their wedding gowns to a mere three digit sum, thanks to the social media and websites like Pinterest which come in as a huge help in keeping costs down with a plethora of ideas. Personalising wedding gowns with floral appliques and beading is another emerging trend in the wedding dress space.
But, notwithstanding this changing trend in spending by Australian brides, most bridal designers have consistently experienced an uptick in their business both regarding volume as well as value, perhaps negating to an extent, the findings above. The wedding is always special, and more so for the women and this could be one factor that is driving bridal designer market. On that note, here is a list of some of the top as well as lesser-known Australian wedding designers.

Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace is a unique label and brings beautiful gowns targeted at the non-traditional bride. Sold online barring some showroom destinations and represent some of the most elegant variants of Boho free-spirited dresses.


J’Aton has been in the business of bridal wear designing for over two decades and has risen to be the go-to destination for celebs. Jodi Anasta and Rebecca Judd wore the beautiful creations of the brand with heavy embellishments. J’Aton is known for the extraordinary level of detail, and one should get up-close to appreciate the dresses.

Jason Grech

girl in bridal gown

Jason Grech is an award-winning Australian bridal couture brand specialises in couture bridal gowns and red carpet gowns of top-notch quality ranking as a synonym of pristine luxury and has earned itself the distinction of being the best couture house in metropolitan Melbourne. The gorgeous and celebrity inspired white wedding dresses collection by Jason Grech portray the innovative thinking of the designers and have significantly impacted the fashion landscape of Australia. Jason Grech creations are also intimately Australian because the brand draws its inspiration from Melbourne itself.

Lillian Khallouf

Lillian Khallouf started off as a couture house and has quickly cemented her space in the Australian fashion space. Recently, she has also launched ready-to-wear range, but her bridal wear steals the show with luxury fabrications and superb craftsmanship.

Moira Huges

Moira Huges offers a delightful experience in shopping for a wedding dress in Sydney. The stunning boutique is well appointed and presents the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a relaxed shopping experience over a cup of rose tea. Do not forget to book an appointment though.

Mariana Hardwick

Mariana Hardwick is among the leading Australian bridal designers. Her couture pieces made to measure ensures perfect on the big day. You must plan well ahead of time if you are keen on this designer and you should expect at least six months before your wedding dress is delivered.

Anne Campbell

mannequin wearing wedding gown

In just a little over half a decade, Anne Campbell has risen to the top of Australia’s wedding design industry. She is also presenting at the New York Bridal Week, and her brand is well known for their breathtaking beauty, detail and opulence.




And, now for some of the lesser-known but brilliant wedding dressing designers from around the world:

Heidi Elnora

She is renowned on account of the stunning range of olive oil dress. However, even if that is not a match for your tastes, her collection of bridal wear is replete with romantic and whimsical gowns that are bound to impress you.

Winifred Bean

Winfred Bean draws from the well known Angela Curanaj and is known for her range of wedding gowns for brides working on a tight budget. Her designs are based on incredibly flattering classic vintage silhouettes that have the modern and fresh appeal with the timeless quality.

Amanda Garrett

If you are after the beautiful bead works of Jenny Packham, Amanda Garret is the place to go for bridal collections particularly the snowflake gown that is incredibly gorgeous.

Miami Bridal

Miami Bridal is the new label created by Alan Hannah offering couture gowns at very affordable prices. The Edelweiss gown with ruffled shoulders and neckline is particularly sought after selection.

Delphine Manivet

wedding gown

From sophisticated and modern to boho chic, Delphine Manivet has all the original designs produced by her and are breathtakingly fashion-forward, effortless and extremely gorgeous.


Sala is known for her ethereal and non-traditional wedding dresses. Bridal collections from Saia is filled with feminine silhouettes and delicate detail that help you feel completely at home when you have chosen an intimately country wedding.


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What Should I Do for Halloween this Year?

Are you wondering about the same question, and don’t have any particular plans made yet, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many things to do on Halloween, but the most important thing is to have loads of fun, joy, and thunders of laughter. Sure, being scared is part of the package deal, but that must be accompanied by the thrill and excitement of the event.

For all of those, who are confused about the specific activities for this year’s Halloween, the following is the guide. You’ll surely love every pick a lot. And have trust, whichever activity you’ll pick, you’ll enjoy a lot. Let’s dive in!

Be a Host to Halloween Party at your Own Place

Man trying to show fire trick

Let all the thrilling excitement and baggage full of fun come at your own place. Throwing a party on the Halloween at your place is surely an exhilarating, exciting and fun thing to do. Right starting from the planning to the party, then going to shopping to shop all the required fun stuff, setting every nook and corner of the house, giving a haunted feel to the home, and finally welcoming a gang of people, ready to elevate the mood of the party at its peak. Well, every step is loaded with a feeling of something special. You can hand skeletons on the walls, lit candles on the dinner table, prepare a bowl full of creamy red wine, hang some spider webs on the windows, and spread white and black cloths all over the place. To let all the guests feel the horror and scare all over the place, a scary hanging at the entrance will do real good. So, if you haven’t decided anything yet and want to indulge in some cool activity, then arranging a Halloween party will boost up your energy to the fullest.

Prepare Some Scary-Looking Treats

lady wearing mask giving halloween gift to girl If you have no plans of either throwing a party or going somewhere, and just want to be in your sweatpants for the night, but still want to lit some Halloween candles at your home, then do some baking. Prepare some scary looking baked items for the kids, or just enjoy yourself. You can make candies with the drizzle of red topping, or prepare some witch fingers with biscuit dough. There are loads of things that you can make and bake on Halloween.

Go Trick or Treating with Kids!

Going with the kids to get some candies!!!? That may sound weird to you, but trust, this will give you an amazing feeling of fun that cannot be felt with anything else. Begging for candies, and counting them, in the end, is a real pleasure that is not only limited to the children. So go out, beg some candies and have fun!

Pumpkin Carvings

Carved pumpkin with light A carved pumpkin is one of the must-have on the eve of Halloween. Sure, you can get an already carved pumpkin from the market super easily. But if you want to add a personal touch to the party, and use your creativity and imagination, then carving a pumpkin yourself will entice pure fun feelings in you. And your friends will also appreciate your efforts. Else, to make things more fun, you can throw a pumpkin carving competition among all the guests, and have fun together. There’ll be funnier than scary carvings come up in the end ;).

Dress Up (Well, It’s Halloween!!!)

Is it something you were not planning of? I pray not. Dressing up is the basic ingredient on a Halloween, whether or not you are going to a big party. If you are sitting at home and don’t wish to go out, just waiting for the kids to come to get their candies, then you must dress up to scare them. It’ll be great fun, both for you and the kids. Just show up at the door with some scary screams, blood coming out of your mouth while wearing a black cloak, there you go, the kids will get the real essence of this event for sure!
Otherwise, if you are going to a party, or having a party at your place, then dressing up is the most important preparation of the day. You can be anything. You can pick up some of your super hero’s costume like cat woman, wonder woman, superhero, or disguised as an animal such as bunny, cat, monkey, bear, or be a night rider, princess with tiara, a magician with magic wand, a clown with funny hat, a witch with pointed hat, a devil with red horns, and the list goes on and on. There are numerous ways to dress up yourself, each year with some different look. There are some accessories and costumes available in the market for that purpose. You can choose from some different varieties of every clothing item or accessory, from hat to feathers, from the magic wand to princess’ tiara, from a variety of horns to cute animal year. The options are endless, just choose whatever sparks you the most.

Run a Scary Movie Marathon

Sitting with your friends, in a dark room, full of silence, and a really scary movie is on; definitely, a must be a thing to do on Halloween. To spark things up, you can play on different horror movies one after another. This way you’ll not only enjoy a fun, entertaining night with your friends, but it’ll also bring out your childhood memories too.

Going to a Halloween event with family

boy and girl dressed up for halloween

Well, attending a Halloween event with the kids all of your family members is another great option to go for. Being in a room full of lovely people, who are dressed amusingly scary (Yes, that’s possible!), and are freakishly laughing while sounding weird at the same time, is the best part of any event. A celebration of Halloween along with your family, while dressed up in some funny costume is a real deal.

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What hot products should DJs look forward to in 2018?

With the current year nearly on its last leg, DJs around the globe should be focused on the 2018 NAAM show that brings a host of professional sound and audio, event technology to the arena when the event opens in January 2018 between the 25th and 28th at Anaheim, California. Some 100,000 avid DJs and industry stakeholders from as many as 139 nations are expected to attend this event. The event campus too has grown in size and the 2018 event is to be held in the largest and expanded campus the show ever had in the past.

CloseUp of Speakers
The show map of 2018 NAMM represents diverse crossroads of the industry offering a platform for product communities of orchestra and school band, stringed instruments, percussion, keys (keyboards, pianos, and synthesizers) fretted instruments (electric and acoustic) professional sound and audio, lighting and stage, as well as publishers, distributors, retail service and many more.

Highlights of NAMM 2018 show

The NAMM 2018 will present Event Technology which is a new area of this show that is ideal for various stakeholders to showcase rigging, lighting, Sound, DJ, special effects, and staging services and products in an atmosphere that is completely controlled. In this space, professionals will also have the ability to test-drive the new products and converse with buyers and leading experts on a one to one basis, on the spot.
Professional sound and audio: Here, all visitors can find products in live sound and pro audio format. New product launch and innovations in live sound, recording, A/V, installation, post-production and broadcast together with software, consumer electronics, DJ, software and technology giving a well-rounded experience in an environment that is business-focused.

Fretted Instruments: From mandolins, ukuleles to electric guitars and boutique guitars handcrafted by master craftsmen, basses and more can be found here at all levels of the NAMM convention centre. Buyers and attendees will also have an opportunity to connect directly with the exhibitors.

Percussion: Kits, Cymbals and all types of percussion accessories can be found close to demo areas so that buyers/attendees can have a feel of the true sound from these instruments in an area that is quieter and distanced from the show floor itself.

Pianos: Global piano brands will have a dedicated showcase conducive for playing and exploring the nuances and artistry of each instrument.

Orchestra and School Band/ Stringed instruments: Brass, Horns, Woodwinds and bow exhibitors and stringed instruments will find the spacious area housing the SBO and its proximity to other areas of the convention centre attractive and appreciable.

Sea of networking opportunities

The NAMM show will also offer a sea of networking opportunities that will also showcase the NAMM Pamelli Awards (26 January, Friday) to honour influential and pioneering companies and professionals for their contribution to live production industry. ‘Life time achievement award’ for the current year will go to Bobby “Boomer” Thrasher, who has been the production manager for Billy Joel for long. Similarly, the Pamelli Visionary Award will go to Jonathan Smeeton while the Audio Innovator Award will go to John Stadius, technical director of DiGiCo. Saturday 27th January is the designated date for NAMM TEC Awards together with several other interactive opportunities and events.

We now look at some of the highlights of the 2017 NAMM to recapitulate and set your expectations from the upcoming 2018 NAMM

First glimpses and prototypes

Some companies had visibly rushed their products to be in time for the show and gain from the news cycle there. Some of the observations included:-

Mixars Gear

Mixars is a relatively young startup of a DJ mixer with 3 new products at NAMM. Under glass was among the exciting products displayed by the company in the Vegas mode which meant that it was testable though non-functional at that time. Visit JD’s to get your hands on Mixars professional and commercial audio products and systems. The Quattro 4 channel Serato mixer and the Primo controller (capable of challenging DDJ-SR) are other interesting offers from this company.

Closeup of DJ Mixers

Gemini – SDJ-4000, PMX-10, MAS-1, and MDJ – Fresh from the factory

All the products on display from Gemini DJ were fresh prototypes that came from their factory. The company spokesperson also added that they were still doing some final iteration with the design to finalize finish, improve the buttons etc. The following were among the products displayed.


An affordable standalone controller sporting an inbuilt computer for playing tracks straight from the unit. While it sports 4 channels, avid DJs would want to take special note of the fact that only 2 decks are offered from on the inbuilt computer.

PMX 10 – PMX 20

The company displayed new mixers following a familiar design – the basic 2 channel layout sporting 8 push buttons on both sides. However, the PMX 20 failed to arrive at the show.

MAS -1

This APC-style unit, going by its large size was possibly designed to target Ableton DJs. The controls showed plenty of room around.


These offerings from Gemini arrived somewhat late and no launch date or pricing was available for these CDJ style competitors.

Denon DJ- Pioneer Challengers

The new media players from this company deserve the complete attention of all those who love DJing.

Denon DJ Console

Many online comments suggest that the company has come of age, particularly after the company was acquired by InMusic and spent the preceding 4 years revamping the company and its products and you now have the SC 500 media players.

Some of the other related features of the product include:-

  • $300 less compared to CDJ-2000NXS2s
  • Have features set like what one gets on DJ software (loop move, track analysis, dual decks, beat jump, high-resolution screen) in this standalone player.
  • Feels solidly built and sturdier
  • Looks significantly better when you see them physically, compared to the images shown during the press release.

A new mixer and turntable were also launched by the company at the show.

Check out all these latest additions as soon as possible.

Lots seem to be happening at the NAMM show and the best way to update themselves for all avid DJs would be to follow the NAMM show 2018.

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